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 At Park Ranger our team are dedicated to sharing our love for quality and passion for produce.

This is evident throughout our seasonally driven menu, boasting the finest, locally sourced and hand-picked ingredients.

From our superb three origin blend coffee - which is hot air roasted to perfection to our nourishing brunch menu, cabinet creations and rustic sweet treats.

Our team have a clear focus to provide wholesome options to satisfy every palate.

Park Ranger’s organic creations are packed with love to share and celebrate with you,

together under one roof.





Support Local:

Part of Park Ranger philosophy is to use local suppliers where ever possible and in particular, those that regularly trade their wares at the Riccarton Bush Market. This and the fact that most of the street's in the area are named after trees is how the Park Ranger name came about.

We have supported Mikaku Tea, not only they grow and forage organic fruits, herbs, and flowers, blending them together with traditional tea bases to create a uniquely different range from soil to cup. They also process, dry, and hand blend small batches in our Christchurch tea studio.

No artificial flavours or enhancers are added, leaving the flavours uncompromised, developing on the palate before, during and after each sip. Memorable and delicious Mikaku Tea can be enjoyed at your local cafe with friends or as part of a personal daily ritual.

Caring for the planet and working with nature is our underlying principle. We use only organic gardening techniques, harvesting small amounts often, leaving plenty for birds and bees. Sustainable packaging is very important to us too, so we supply tea in home compostable bags, and our cardboard box is reusable or recyclable.


Another supplier we loved to supporting is White Heart, their hazelnuts butter is brilliant. Their family grow hazelnuts on a property in Tai Tapu, Christchurch. They love good food, quality ingredients + sustainable enterprise. From tree to table Ann creates a wholesome range of nut butters, baked goods, condiments and snacks. Batch roasted hazelnuts blended with the best ingredients they can find. 

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